If Disputes are not Resolved soon, FSPMI Batam threatens to Boycott Max Coil Products

Batam,KPonline – Entering the 20th day of strike by employees of Tai Cheng today is still ongoing. The cause of the strike is because the Company is suspected of having violated the labor rules.

Violation of the employment regulation is to engage in continuous employment contracts beyond the applicable labor standards in Indonesia. Manpower Office of Batam City has determined that, as many as 66 employees are declared as permanent employees. but the Tai Cheng Company still does not hire such employees.

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Unions Workers have made various attempts to conduct conference in kinship, even conducting deliberations with the monitor by the Department of Labor has also been done. But the Tai Cheng Company always ignored the meeting.

Tai Cheng Products

This problem has become the attention of Batam City Government. Batam Mayor Muhammad Rudi has said that in the near future he will make a surprise visit to Tai Cheng Company. if in his visit the Mayor of Batam later, Tai Cheng Company proven to violate labor regulations, then the Government will sanction Tai Cheng Company.

The head of Batam FSPMI Workers Union Andy Saputra threatened to campaign a product boycott to the ILO level if Tai Cheng Company did not immediately resolve the dispute, including to other Companies that did not comply with the prevailing rules in Indonesia.

Even the Batam FSPMI Workers Union will also seek support for the production permit in Tai Cheng Company to be revoked if the Company continues to disobey the rules.( Nurul Azhar)

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