Batam Laborers Threaten Boycott of Tai Cheng Products.

Batam,KPonline – Disputes between employees and management of PT. Tai Cheng Development is still ongoing. There are a number of employees in the company doing a strike. The cause of this strike is due to a breach of labor rules by the management of the company.

Although the Workers’ Union (FSPMI) has repeatedly reminded the management not to breach such labor rules, but the violation of those rules remains to be done.

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Has entered the 17th day of PT. Tai Cheng did not intend to do the settlement. So the employee who did the strike threatened to boycott the product. The company that produces Spring bed Max coil is threatened to be boycotted the product.

The trade union’s stance will campaign the Company and its products to the ILO, if the Company does not immediately resolve the breach of these labor rules.

But the Trade Union will refrain from engaging in such a campaign if the Company is willing to resolve the problem and correct the breach of these labor rules. ( Nurul Azhar)

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